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Well, in a nutshell, this is who I am today, shaped by the highs and lows of my life, FATIMA WASAT, on the path of a quality life.

Much of what I have set forth on this web site are resources that have helped me in effective communication to improve the quality of my life and those around me. This is no easy task, and I am aware that there will always be pitfalls. You may stumble along the way, but eventually it is up to you to decide which path will give you the most peace of mind.

In my search for more effective coping styles, I learned of some really wonderful resources that help to build, maintain and sustain relationships. The navigation links on the left and bottom of this page will guide you to these resources that have great information.

I have also been employed as a social worker, mainly in the area of foster care, both in South Africa and the USA. I think my social work background influences my interest in resources such as, The Center For Nonviolent Communication.. This organization also embraces the social work principle of not judging, not diagnosing and not stereotyping people.

The creation of this website is the result of web design classes. In addition I had the support of family and friends. Special thanks is due to RACHID EL, whose patience and support carried me through and continues to carry me through many a time. I am very thankful for the help and encouragement I have received.

My Interests

Caring for children and parenting my sons to the best of my ability was a great joy for me.

I do enjoy creative things like cooking, sewing and my latest creation, this web site

Reading, especially inspirational books and those based on true-life experiences

Watching movies

Walking is my favorite form of exercise

enjoy surfing on the web and use email a lot

Music, it can calm, inspire, and elevate mood

Entertaining and "cooking up a storm"

Shopping especially at bargain basements, flea markets and sales

Board Games

Comedy all sorts shows   comic books   humorous stories

Now that I have briefly introduced myself, keep in touch. I would love to hear from you. You can reach me via The Contact Form

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